Customer Testimonials

Brett is amazing at car seats.  He came right to the house and showed my husband how to do it so he could do it for himself.
-Sharon and David in Lawrence

Strapped In Car Seat Safety's New Parent Lesson is the best.  I showed my friend I met at the maternity ward how to do it and she was so thankful.  Then the nurse came by and I showed her the tricks of tightening the harness straps.  She was so impressed that I taught her a trick for doing it correctly!  
-Wanda and Steven in Jericho

I tried to get an appointment with the hospital but no one picked up the phone and then they said no one does it there. Strapped In Car Seat Safety is the best. He was able to help me out that afternoon for a very fair price and spent a lot of time answering my questions.
-Debbie in Plainview

I was going to pick up my children and grandchildren at JFK.  Having the car seats installed before my family arrived made it so easy to pick them up.
-Linda in Bethpage 

The guy at the car dealership who was supposed to know what he was doing put it in for me, but something did not seem right.  I had Brett come over and check.  He used the two inner bars of my LATCH connectors in my Honda and that was not allowed.  I was furious!  Always have your seat checked by a certified technician, and Brett at Strapped In Car Seat Safety is the best and most knowledgable.  
-Melissa in Plainview

I would have never figured out the best way for taking my baby in a taxicab if it weren’t for Brett. He showed me the tricks to make sure the seat was secure, how to do it quickly, and how to do it without using the base that I like to leave in my car in the parking garage.
-Randi in Manhattan

I spent all morning cursing at the car and car seats.  Brett came by and we were able to get two convertible car seats and one infant seat in the back of my SUV so I still had the entire trunk. There is no way I would have been able to figure it out.
-Sal in Old Westbury

All of my harnesses straps were twisted like crazy. The nanny was trying to make it more comfortable for my daughter but she just wound up making things worse. It took Brett a half-hour extra just in untangling stuff but he did not charge me anything extra. He is the best!
-Kerri in Syosset

We picked up a new car on Sunday and Brett came by Monday to do the car seats. I had to go back to the dealer for service and they took out the car seat! Brett showed me how to do it, but he was so nice to come by again just to double-check I got it right.
-Ken and Lisa in Merrick

I could not figure out how to get the car seat in tight. I thought it was tight but it just didn’t seem right. Brett knew the trick the manual didn’t have. Money well spent. Especially if there were an accident.
-Josh in Bayside

They told me it was going to be two weeks for an appointment and Brett came that afternoon. He showed me a trick to get the kids in without the straps getting twisted. You are crazy if you don’t use Strapped In Car Seat Safety!
-Lisa in Brookville

I had to pick up my children and grandchildren at the airport.  As it turned out, Brett was only ten minutes from my house.  After calling every other number on the list and getting nowhere he was here in ten minutes!
-Julia in Roslyn

Call.  Leave a message.  Call.  Leave a message.  Strapped In Car Seat Safety is awesome because he actually bothers to pick up the phone.  My car seat was installed for three days before the town called me back!
-David in North Bellmore

Watching my neice for the weekend, I accidentally unbuckled the car seat base.  Thank goodness Strapped In Car Seat Safety was there for me.  I don't have kids and did not know what the heck I was doing.  I learned how to put it in.  I am ready if it ever happens again.  
-Thomas in Greenlawn