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Installation, Lesson and Check Service - Come to Us or House Calls Available!
Strapped In Car Seat Safety offers a car seat installation, lesson and check service at our NHTSA-approved fitting stations in Woodbury (evenings and weekends) and Massapequa Park (weekdays 2pm-5pm) staffed with a Nationally and NYS certified Child Passenger Safety Technician CPST.  Why Wait when you can get it done today?  Avoid Regrets!  
Price: $65 for the first car seat, additional seats $35
Installation, lesson and check at YOUR house: $75 for the first car seat, additional seats $35 
(within 5 miles of Woodbury/Syosset. I will happily travel farther but additional travel fees apply)

Woodbury address (evenings and weekends): 13 Woodtree Drive, Woodlands Community Clubhouse

Massapequa Park address (weekdays 2pm - 5pm): 131 Front Street, Massapequa Park Municipal Parking lot (behind Johnny McGorey's Restaurant)

I DON'T JUST INSTALL THE CAR SEAT AND SEND YOU AWAY.  I show you how to use your car seat in your vehicle, and how to repeat the installation in case you need to remove and replace the car seat. Everyone who has the lesson is grateful for it and remarks it is well worth it.  I make installing car seats almost fun! 

How did you get into installing car seats?
Being an automotive journalist and the resident ‘car guy’ among my friend neighbors, I was always asked to help properly install car seats. In early 2012, a family I am friends with was in a horrific car accident. Their two children, ages two and a newborn, were safely nestled in the car seats I installed. Both babies were absolutely fine. Those parents convinced me I played a big part in those babies coming out fine, and the time was right to help other busy parents who may not have time to get to a car seat check. So I obtained my National Child Passenger Safety Certification (with a perfect score) and decided to take my knowledge of infants and vehicle dynamics to the next level.

Look, racecar driver Dale Earnhardt unfortunately died because his restraint devices did not conform to the manufacturer’s installation requirements. Moreover, NASCAR implemented rules for additional safety devices and their installation to prevent future deaths. No one can change history, but we can make sure that aftermarket vehicle safety devices conform to stringent installation requirements.

Why should I have my car seats checked by a Certified technician?
A lot of you reading this probably banked your child’s cord blood. That service costs $3000 and then an additional $300 per year forever. However, it hasn’t even been proven if it will be the future of medicine or just useful in only a handful of diseases. What is known is that car accidents are the number one killer of otherwise healthy children. More than any childhood illness. If you want to reduce risk, then this is the best investment for protecting your child.

Remember, the latest study shows that almost 90% of all car seats are installed INCORRECTLY.  Let’s make sure your baby is not a statistic.

I'm pregnant...when is the best time to schedule a lesson?
About a month before you give birth. We can go over your car seat options before you go to the store to ensure you make the right purchase for your baby AND vehicle. Then you’ll get a lesson and there will be a properly installed car seat in the backseat when I leave. You’ll be good-to-go before the big day arrives!

Remember, the latest study from the IIHS and the University of Michigan Highway Institute stated 90% of all car seats are installed INCORRECTLY.  And they are difficult to install. Don’t skimp now and be regretful.

When you need the car seat installed correctly today, the appointment for the free car seat inspection is only weeks away…
Grandma wants to babysit. The Nanny wants to use your husband’s car because yours has a flat tire. The car broke and you have a service loaner. There was an accident. The guy at the carwash undid the seat to vacuum underneath. Whatever the case, we are here to help!

Strapped In Car Seat Safety gives back...   If you are a financially-stressed single employed parent and find it difficult to get to a fitting station when they are open, I will waive my fee (however, if you show up to the lesson in a new Mercedes GLS 600 I might ask questions...)